The Complete Set- Symbols, Magic, Reality, Space
The Complete Set- Symbols, Magic, Reality, Space
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The Seligmann zines are a collaborative effort by the Seligmann Foundation to make available the life and work of surrealist Kurt Seligmann and acquaint his work to a new audience.


Kurt’s lectures from his years of teaching at the New School (1960s) are the basis of the content. The original lectures are documented at the Yale Collection of American Literature. Each page of Kurt’s various lectures are reproduced in its original form with his personal markings and edits. Pages are paired with different artists interpretation of the lecture content.


Guest scholars such as: Susan Aberth, Laurent Ferri, Celia Rabinovitch, Willian Seaton and Grazina Subelyte provide forward and summary essays.


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This zine series is visually and scholarly brilliant.


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